Privacy areas

unpacking areas 01_004

The unpacking/privacy areas have been at Alethia Island since we opened to the public. They were first introduced to serve as a “junk” areas with short auto-return time, for people to dump their boxes and not have to worry about the staff asking them delete them. The addition of separated voice chat and parcel privacy has made these areas desirable for people to go and change their clothes or work on their naked avatars without people watching, and being located near the landing point they are easy to access.

The Blue zones are intended for people to unpack boxes and try out their purchases in private. They offer visual privacy from avatars outside the parcel, isolated voice chat, no push and no object-entry. They all run an auto return of 5 minutes, and change color to Red when they are occupied.

The Orange zones are no-script areas, so you can rez your scripted objects here without them running away. These areas do not have privacy enabled, and run a 30 minute auto return.