Sandbox Rules

Updated 06-July-2017

  • No sex / adult roleplay
  • No child avatars
  • No begging, selling, spam, recruitment or unwanted advertising.
  • There is a fair-use 200 LI (Land Impact) limit, especially when we are busy. If you know you will exceed the limit, please ask the staff for a consideration to be made.
  • Respect the sim, staff, and other users of the sandbox.
  • Do not restrict access to any of the sandbox services (Teleporters, stores, privacy areas etc.)
  • Take or remove your items after you! If you are having problems with this, there are self-service object return terminals around the region to help you.
  • Please keep projectiles and weapons in the designated testing areas. Avoid using items that cause problems for the region or users.

Additional information about the sandbox can be found on the General Information page.

If you have any questions or need assistance, the Alethia Island Staff can help. Please check their profile to confirm that they are a part of the Alethia Management group if you question their authority.

Please feel free to explore, and we hope you enjoy your visit!