General Information

To help us maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment, we kindly ask residents to also acknowledge the rules and guidelines of the sim.

  • Be cautious of accepting “free gifts” and group invitations whilst at our sandbox. These are not services operated by Alethia Management.
  • Alethia Island is a homestead region and has 1/4 of the resources of a full region. Please be mindful of this when running heavy or intensive tasks!
  • If your landmark isn’t working properly, please try using the teleport pads to get to your destination.
  • This sand box runs an 8 hour auto-return. The timer starts from when you rez an object.
  • Excessively scripted avatars will be asked by our script counters to reduce their scripts. Failure to do so will result in an automatic ejection.
  • Excessively idle avatars may be removed to ease congestion during very busy periods.
  • Need some privacy away from other people? There are privacy-enabled areas located just next to the landing point.
  • The sandbox is always open except during special events when we may choose to restrict access. A notice will be always be sent beforehand.

If you have any questions or need assistance, the Alethia Island Staff can help. Please check their profile to confirm that they are a part of the Alethia Management group if you question their authority.

Please feel free to explore, and we hope you enjoy your visit!