Sim Update

Since the recent increase in prims, we’ve decided to add a new sim surround which we think makes the island feel much different and larger.

We will leave it in place for a few days while we take opinions and look for any problems it causes, so there may be places underwater where you fall through the land until we finalize the terrain.

Please let us know if you have any other issues with the new addition!

[update] We noticed some problems that stopped us from using it, so we will look at alternatives after the Christmas holiday.


Script Managers Updated

We’ve replaced our 5 year old script monitoring system and are experimenting with a more efficient, less resource-intensive solution.

The new system now monitors your CPU time as well as memory, and the current limits may vary while we establish a suitable fair-use policy. Please let us know if you have any problems!

Ongoing Gift Bot Problem

Alethia Island has been a target for scammers that have been attempting to distribute free “gifts” to users at the sandbox.

The accounts are named to suggest they are a gift delivery service, and will arrive at the region briefly to collect a list of users before sending a copy of the object to everyone. The gift usually claims to offer a discount or cash alternative, and requests debit permissions as soon as you try to use it.

We understand that it can be easy to accept items when you are busy unpacking your purchases. Please be cautious and decline any free gifts that you are given unexpectedly. Please remember, as stated in our rules, we do not send free gifts to any of our users.

We apologize if you’ve been affected by this issue while using our sandbox.